How To Prepare for the 2018 CMA Fest – A Survival Guide

First of all – can anyone believe it is THAT time of year again? To think that this time last year we were preparing to battle hockey fans to show them that CMA Fest fans rule the streets of Nashville in early June.

I digress. You came here for a survival guide, right? To know the ends and outs of how to get by during this crazy music filled week.

Then just keep reading.

Tip # 1: Have fun. Seems obvious, right? But sometimes the volume of people can make it a challenge.

Tip # 2: Take photos. You’ll want to remember the moments because odds are the heat and drinking (assuming you’re over 21!) will take its toll on you.

Top # 3: Enjoy local restaurants. Between Peg Leg Porker, Bakersfield, and Puckett’s, you have no excuse not to embrace your inner Nashvillian.

Tip # 4: Plan shows ahead. No one wants to show up late and enjoy the show from a horrible location. Visit here to get the latest on where your favs will be!

Tip # 5: STAY HYDRATED. This one speaks for itself. Nashville-based ORCA has some cool tumblers to help out.

See you there!


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