We’ve all had that moment: You get an alert on social media that Blake Shelton or Carrie Underwood is following you. On further inspection, you realize that it’s Blakey Shetlon or Carrier Underwoods, and disappointment takes over.

However, for some fans, these imposters have tricked them into sending money, buying plane tickets, donating to fake charities, or other crazy scams. To fight such fraud, Nashville’s hottest stars are speaking out in a video that’s equal parts entertaining and enlightening.

The video features Blake Shelton, Brett Young, Old Dominion, Kelly Clarkson, Maren Morris, Keith Urban, Cole Swindell, Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts, Dustin Lynch, and more speaking out against imposters. They also tell you how to recognize a phony.

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The artists reveal:

Every day we notice more and more people pretending to be artists on social media and tricking fans into invasive situations. We want to set the record straight — your favorite artists have not and will not ever ask you for your personal information or anything like that. Know how to spot the signs of fake accounts, report imposters, and help us take charge of this growing issue to protect the best fans in the world.

For more information, check out https://www.socialmediasafetynashville.com.

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