Chuck Wicks and Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Co-Star in Music Video

Yesterday, country star, radio personality, and Ironman, Chuck Wicks, shared a photograph of him and Olympic gold medal gymnast, Nastia Liukin, on the set of his new music video. Today, on Nash FM’s Ty, Kelly, & Chuck, Wicks and Liukin confirmed that she is co-starring in his “Better Than Flowers” music video.

According to Liukin, the two have been friends for about three years and were introduced by her 2008 Beijing Olympics teammate, Shawn Johnson. Not only do Wicks and Liukin share mutual friends; they share mutual experiences. Both were contestants on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and were able to use the intimacy they learned on that stage for the more awkward and personal moments on the music video set.

Wicks’ new single and music video are due for a mid-July release.

Watch as Ty Bentli and Kelly Ford interview their co-host, Chuck Wicks, and treat him and Nastia Liukin to a little interrogation:


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