Bobby Bones to Launch Female-Only Radio Station

It’s no secret that the Gabbers love Bobby Bones. Not only has he built himself a nice little empire; he has done so on his own terms, while offering endless support to artists. Along with everything Bones has done for the country music industry, he is also known for lending a hand to non-profit organizations including St. Jude, while spearheading his own PIMPINJOY efforts.

Yesterday, news broke that Bones has his sights set on his next big endeavor. The nationally syndicated radio show host will be launching a new show on more than 100 stations, featuring only female artists.

According to the Tennessean, Bones shared:

I’ll be really obnoxious about it and just cram it down the radio station. I’m just tired of it. I can take acts on the road. I can play the music. But people aren’t embracing things, and they are embracing other things too fast. They’re just not giving females a chance. I’m going to take a square peg and shove it into a round hole until it’s also round. It’s important for fairness. I want everybody to have an equal shot.

High five to Bobby Bones on this new push for equality. We know what show we’ll be tuning into soon!