Song We’re Gabbing About: Adam Craig’s “Why Can’t She”

Adam Craig PHASE image - CURRENT

When it comes to the current crop of country crooners, none should shine brighter than Adam Craig. With a voice that recalls the heyday of country music, his newest single “Why Can’t She” is everything country music should be. In fact, it’s the type of song that should make a non-believer of country music into a believer, converting even those with the hardest of hearts.

Lyrically and vocally, the song has the makings of a future classic, telling of a man who is left to wonder why God can forgive him, but the woman in his life can’t.

God, tonight I’m calling out/ But just a prayer ain’t saving me / I can’t undo the wrong I’ve done / But I know that You can see / My heart’s full of regret / That’s why I’m down here on my knees / So if You can forgive me/ Why can’t she?

Listen to “Why Can’t She” by Adam Craig below!

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