How to prepare for PMI PMP Certification Exam

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a widely recognized and an essential certification for project managers based in the industries – globally. If you have PMP certification, you are eligible to handle the project  related to any industry and pertaining to any required methodology. PMP does not only help you gain professional expertise in the field but also increases your credibility in the industries, hence automatically setting you up for a higher salary than a non-PMP. According to a survey named as ‘Earning Power Salary Survey’ conducted by PMI, PMP certified individuals earn around 20% higher than those who do not have PMP certification.

PMP certification enables the project managers to complete the goals of the project efficiently and on-time while staying under the budget. All these qualities greatly benefit the organization employing the project manager. PMP certification enables a person to understand the global requirements that have to be met for the project completion. Thus, PMP certified project managers are more competent to work in a diverse environment with a variety of  methodology implementation capabilities at their disposal.

How to prepare for the PMI PMP Certification Exam

Preparation for PMI PMP Certification Exam requires you to go through at least 35 hours of training before you can sit for the exam. In these 35 hours, you can go through all the possible resources available. While books are a major  resource for PMI PMP Certification Exam preparation, just reading and memorizing them will not help. To pass the exam, you need to have proper plan and preparation, which is also the reason why PMP Certified Individuals hold so much credibility in the market.

PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy’s is a popular book used by almost all the candidates preparing for the PMI PMP Certification Exam. Another book widely used to prepare for the examination is PMBOK. The best way to work with  these two books together is to read PMBOK first, just skim through do not dive into the complex terminologies and try to understand everything. After this, read PMP Exam Prep almost two times to get a clear-cut understanding of the book. And after that, read PMBOK again. However, this time thoroughly.

Books hold their unique value, but in this era of technology, they are not the only source of information. There are many online courses available, and through the internet,you can also reach out to the already PMP certified individuals who are willing to guide you about the exam. The number of individuals willing to help would definitely surprise you. You can find a lot many online courses on the website.:

Some of the popular courses available are:

  • Introduction to Six Sigma

This course basically explains different concepts, tools, methodologies,and
technologies that can be accessed for the betterment of the project and its

  • Talent Triangle Budget 

This one course completes the requirements of all the courses in one go and
gains you all the required educational professional development units. It
covers the aspects of all the courses while also fulfilling the relevant demand.

  • Essentials of Project Management – Full Series 

Essentials of Project Management deals with the fundamentals related to the field of managing projects. This course specifically focuses on the preparation of the credential exam of Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM).

  • The Complete Agile Project Manager

This course teaches the learner complete aspects of implementing agile
practices in a practical setting. This requires the manager to have a complete grasp of the methodologies for the agile practices and also how to manage the teams. This9-course series covers all the important aspects for the learner to attain proper knowledge.

  • Project Management Team Leadership

Almost everything in the corporate world is done with the help of a team, more specifically the projects. However, every team has a team leader who guides them in the right direction. A team leader is faced with the tremendous burden of responsibility and has to carry the whole team together throughout the duration of the project. In this course, the learner is taught the roles and responsibilities of the leader, processes through which an effective team environment can be developed and the methodologies of problem-solving within the teams.

The online courses along with the books are pretty helpful for the preparation process, but if you feel like you have to do something more, you can also invest in the paid exam dumps. These brain dumps are hosted online by different websites and help out a lot for anyone trying to understand the pattern and requirements of the PMI PMP Certification Exam.

Some of the most popular websites for PMI PMP Certificationpaiddumps exam are:

  • PMP Exam Simulator – Project Manager Professional (PMP)

This site contains 5 complete exam dumps with around 1300 questions without any repetition. There are multiple choice questions available for practice and the site also provides tips and tricks that can be  applied in the exam to get done with your paper a lot more easily. Solutions to all the questions are also provided along with revision notes so that you can correct your mistakes and understand them so that you do not make the same mistake again.

This site provides a classroom environment for the learners coming on-board to make the experience a lot more comfortable for them. ExamSnap works like a boot camp for the exam preparation with an effective faculty and quality course materials. ExamSnap provides the learners with a guide to understanding the exam questions they will be faced in the real exam. Along with it are some vce exam files available that can help the learner to test their abilities, judge their mistakes and prepare for the exam. Exam dumps also guide the learners about the paper pattern and kind of questions that come in the actual exams of Project Management Professional.


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