Cassadee Pope Releases New Song “Take You Home”

They say good things are worth the wait, and that certainly holds true when it comes to new Cassadee Pope music. It has been quite some time since her Summer EP was released and we got a taste of new material from the eclectic artist, but her newest single, “Take You Home,” will make up for lost time.

For those who have followed Pope’s career, and not just in the years since she moved to Nashville and became an acclaimed country singer and songwriter, you will recognize a bit of all her artistic layers in this track. Perhaps that is why when Pope heard this song, penned by Ben Hayslip, Emily Weisband, and Paul DiGiovanni, she knew she had to record it.

The lyrics speak to a new relationship that reaches the point of bringing somebody to your hometown, showing them where you come from, and introducing them to the people and things of your past. The groovy, country meets pop meets rock vibe fully encapsulates the varying genres in which Pope fits without ever forcing her into one particular box.

Hitting the nail right on the head with the mastering of the track and ensuring Pope was able to wholly be herself was friend and No. 1 producer Corey Crowder. The two previously worked together on “Think of You” (Chris Young) and Summer EP, proving that the producer/artist relationship was a formidable one, indeed. Now, the pair has joined forces again to tap into Pope’s abilities and afford her the opportunity to show the world what she is really made of.

Listen to Cassadee Pope’s “Take You Home” below and click here to download it from iTunes now!