Shania Twain Faces Off Against Meghan Trainor In Rap Battle

Photo by: John Shearer

Just when you thought Shania Twain had returned to the spotlight and had done all the things, she upped her own ante. Last night, Twain appeared on TBS rap battle show, Drop the Mic, facing off against pop star Meghan Trainor by throwing down some personalized rhymes.

The two have come face-to-face in the past, creating a mutual admiration society, so having to diss one another on national television was quite a feat. In fact, as opposed to other battles on the show, Twain and Trainor ended their three-round attack with remorse, regret, and a big ole hug.

While we would typically side with the country star in most cross-genre situations, we have to admit this competition was neck and neck. Perhaps it is Trainor’s Nashville ties that make us especially fond of this Grammy Award winner…

Who do you think won the Drop the Mic battle? Let us know!

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