Michael Ray Arrested for DUI

Looks like Michael Ray was thinking a little less early this morning. According to TMZ, the “Get to You” singer was arrested in his hometown of Eustis, Florida around 3am Wednesday (December 20) for possession of drugs and driving under the influence.

According to the article, Ray hit his 2012 Jeep into another car in a McDonald’s drive-thru, prompting a call to the cops. He allegedly had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, smelled of alcohol and failed a series of sobriety tests. Ray was then arrested for DUI and possession of weed oil.



‘American Idol’ hopes to lure Carrie Underwood to be a judge or whatever on the show

‘American Idol’ seems to be in some sort of free fall right now. Yesterday, the former reality show juggernaut failed to receive an Emmy nomination for Best Competition Reality Show, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have both quit or been fired depending on what report you read, and the ratings have been lacking lately from my understanding.

So what’s a seemingly struggling former monster hit reality singing competition to do?

Hire one of your most popular competitors ever if possible.

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