Gab’s 12 Days of Christmas: Two Story Road “Joy to the World”

On the second day of Christmas, NashvilleGab brings to you two individuals, two stories, two talents, and one road that is paved toward success. The duo is Two Story Road and its original arrangement of holiday classic “Joy to the World” will bring you warmth on a cold winter day.

With Brandon Fraley lending his stellar skills on keys and vocals while Jamelle Fraley’s voice sleighs (badum!) per usual, the two have taken a Christmas classic, put their own flare on it, and have gifted us with what feels like a new tune. Couple the unique rendition with the unquestionably incredible iPhone abilities of Two Story Road, and this “Joy to the World” video may become your favorite to date.

Watch Two Story Road perform “Joy to the World” below, and make sure to head over to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify to listen to this track and others by a duo we absolutely love here at Gab.