Album Review: Emily Brooke Releases EP of Self-Penned Songs

South Florida born and raised Emily Brooke is now nineteen years old. The last time she released an album was in 2012; before Brooke got a taste of stardom and truly recognized who she was as an artist. Now, with the American Idol cameras and stage behind her, a huge influx of fans eager to see what the show favorite has in her future, and years of maturity, experience, and life lessons under her belt, Brooke is releasing a new self-titled EP (January 4, 2018).

A collection of five songs, Emily Brooke is comprised of tracks that the undeniably talented young artist had a hand in writing. Five songs that were difficult for Brooke to select because her recent trips to Nashville have spawned song after song after song — all of which were worthy of album cuts.

What fans will find in the tracks Brooke ultimately chose is that she has grown leaps and bounds, even since her Idol days, and she has truly found her sound. This sound is most adequately described as authentic, raw, and heavily focused on her vocals that resemble no other artist in the industry. Brooke, who is relaxed, albeit it hilarious and clever, channels her personality in her music, provides songs that are very easy to listen to and contain lyrics that will linger in your head long after the EP comes to an end.

“That Dress,” written by Brooke and fellow South Floridian turned Nashville singer-songwriter Jamie Floyd, was an obvious add the day the song was created. Quickly becoming one that Brooke played out at gigs (including CMA Fest as she sat side-by-side with Jessie James Decker), the sassy and empowering track screams girl power and self-esteem booster.

With each of the remaining songs, whether it is the reality of “In Love With the Memories,” the sinfully playful “Waste My Time,” the vulnerable “To Love You Again,” or the flippantly fabulous “We’ll See,” you will find yourself relating with the lyrics and able to point to a place in time in life to which you can apply them. You will also find that Brooke delivers the words in a way that is abundantly relatable to everyone — young, old, and in between.

The tracks were crafted over the last few months, and range from unexpectedly electric songwriting sessions with fellow Song Suffragettes performers to collaborations with longtime friends to a write with two of Brooke’s favorite talents in town. To that last point, you may recognize the name Josh Kerr, a No. 1 songwriter who had a hand in two Kelsea Ballerini chart-toppers and recently wrote on and produced, in part, Danielle Bradbery’s latest album.

It has been Brooke’s talent, tenacity, professionalism, friendliness, poise, and confidence that have helped her form and maintain relationships with the writers she has enlisted and are characteristics she poured into her music as she prepared for this EP release. And it will be those traits coupled with this EP that will assist her in teaming up with many more Nashville favorites in the future.

Pre-order Emily Brooke now on iTunes and receive “Waste My Time” immediately. The remainder of the tracks will appear in your account on January 4, 2018. As you await your final download of the long-awaited project, watch Emily Brooke perform “To Love You Again” at Nashville’s Song Suffragettes below.