Album Review: World, Meet Danielle Bradbery!

Photo credit: Cameron Powell

We have known since the day we “met” Danielle Bradbery on NBC’s The Voice that she had “potential,” but it has taken us four years to really get to know the person behind the title-winning chops. Today, the world becomes privy to the beautiful human being, songwriter, and storyteller behind the sweet and approachable face and stellar voice, as her sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, is now available.

Bradbery’s fans have been awaiting this moment for years, and though it was long, they will quickly find out upon listening to the ten tracks that the wait was “worth it.” During the first trip through the album, what listeners will find is an organic, raw sounding collection of tracks that were produced to highlight one of the best vocalists in the country music genre. As they continue to allow the songs to play on loop and hone in on the lyrics that Bradbery either self-penned or hand-selected to make her reintroduction to fans, the growth of the artist and the individual will become evident.

The clever radio-friendly “Sway” leads off the album and is followed by nine tunes that prove Bradbery is no longer the sixteen-year-old America fell in love with, and is, instead, an experienced and poised adult with real-life experiences. With cuts like “Worth It,” “Human Diary,” and “Laying Low,” Bradbery shows her confidence and vulnerability, letting people into personal places where strangers have never traversed. She also exhibits self-growth and maturity with remaining tracks “Potential,” “What Are We Doing,” “Can’t Stay Mad,” “Messy,” “Red Wine + White Couch” and “Hello Summer.”

No, you are not going to find any uptempo, dance party jams in the bunch; but you will come across groove after groove that will suck you in as you catch yourself quickly tapping your toe and singing along. And that is a big part of the beauty of Bradbery’s I Don’t Believe We’ve Met. Over the course of four years, the still young artist has found herself, her sound, and her voice, and the project which she released today is perfectly and cohesively packaged to make that statement proudly, boldly, and artistically.

Danielle, though we have followed you since the beginning and have always respected your talent, we are honored and privileged to have now finally met YOU. Congratulations on one of the best albums of 2017.

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