Shania Twain partners with mobile game for in-game album promotion

Animated Shania Twain from new game
Photo via YouTube

Shania Twain has joined forces with mobile game Home Street to promote her new album ‘Now’ in-game with the help of a cute animated Shania.

If you’re a Shania Twain fan and enjoy playing games on your phone and/or tablet, then have I got a fun story for you!

Shania has partnered with Supersolid, maker of the mobile game Home Street, to become an animated character in their The Sims-like mobile game. According to the Home Street trailer,  “Shania’s in-game character will lead players through stories, four music videos from “Now” will play on a special billboard within the game and players will be able to purchase an exclusive Shania outfit items and interactive guitar for their own characters to use in-game within Home Street.”

Unfortunately, all things Shania will only be in the game for 30 days, so if you’re going to play you better get busy!

Home Street is available for iPhone or Android here.