Interview: Danielle Bradbery Talks Choosing Writers and Producers for New Album

Photo credit: Cameron Powell

We recently sat down with Danielle Bradbery to discuss all things I Don’t Believe We’ve Met. During our time with the Big Machine artist who is readying for the release of her sophomore album on December 1, we learned about what went on behind-the-scenes over the years while the project was being pieced together.

In part 1 of our interview, we shared how Bradbery selected the songs for the ten-track album, specifically discussing her affinity for “Worth It,” and why the lyrics have resonated so much with her fan base. In this segment, we learned a bit more about the creative control the twenty-one year-old singer-songwriter had this go ’round, including having the ability to hand-select some of the people who were enlisted to help put the project together.

If you have taken a look at the credits on I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, you may notice many “repeat offenders.” In other words, you can see that Bradbery has kept certain people in her tight circle when it comes to creativity.

There’s a lot of people you have to work with and kind of narrow down in the process of making an album, and I mean, as far as producers, even writers, guys that play instruments on the album, there’s a lot of people that you meet, and it’s as easy as you hear that, you’re not a big fan, so let’s move on and try the next one, and that’s kind of what we did for a minute. . . . You just keep going until it falls in the right hands, and I’m such a believer on things happening when it’s supposed to, timing is everything, and that’s exactly what this process for this album has been. Timing has been everything, and there’s a long process for a couple of songs, getting the right producer, but it finally fell in the right hands of Josh Kerr, and he knew exactly what the direction was, so it’s been a process, but it’s been fun.

What you may not also know is that Kerr wrote “Messy” with Bradbery (and Hannah Ellis), as well as “Human Diary” with Emily Weisband (who is a writer on five of ten tracks on the record). So, in addition to learning that Bradbery had quite a bit of say in the creation of this album, we also determined that she is incredibly loyal to those who she has found musical magic and friendship with — and that quality in itself is beautiful, indeed.

Pre-order I Don’t Believe We’ve Met by clicking here and watch Danielle Bradbery perform “Human Diary” below.