Someone drove their pickup into the front of Blake Shelton’s Lake Texoma home

Well this probably isn’t the album release celebration Blake Shelton was expecting!

On Friday, Blake released his newest album, Texoma Shore, and to celebrate he and Amazon Prime Now  picked one lucky winner to have the album hand delivered to them by Blake. Funny enough, the winner just happened to be Gab friend Scotty and Scotty, being the good guy that he is, invited his friend (and Gab writer extraordinaire)  Jen to be there with him for all the fun.

Yeah, I’m jealous too!

In the fun video Blake shared today of the meeting between the three, he shared a bit of interesting news … a pickup drove into the front of his Lake Texoma home on Thursday.


I ran over and Googled and sure enough, Blake told the whole story during an interview on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on Friday morning.

“This is a weird moment for me,” Shelton told the pair. “Because I’m talking about Texoma Shore and I made the album at my lake house, and I just got a phone call somebody drove their truck through the front of my lake house.”

Blake never mentioned who it was that ran into the house, so I’m assuming it was probably a stranger, but he did say the crash was an accident and even turned it into a joke about the crash possibly jinxing the album.

“So if this album doesn’t hit, then that’s bad luck.”

On the plus side, he’s now got a really good reason to get out there and sell the heck out of Texoma Shore because, as he says, “There’s a truck sticking out of the front of my freaking house. I gotta sell some records.”

If you’d like to contribute to Blake’s home renovation fund, be sure to download/stream the new album here.