Top 5 Shakes with Soy Protein

The protein shakes is a popular solution as a supplement to a diet. These products are used mostly by the people who want to get rid of an excess weight. The main component of a shake is protein. Besides, the type and quality of the main component directly influence the purpose and efficiency of the shake.

The best proteins to manage weight are whey and casein. The protein shakes containing these two types of protein

are used for both losing and gaining weight. However, some people are intolerant to dairy-based casein and whey protein. Nevertheless, they are also able to take the protein shakes like Almased containing soy or plant protein. The dairy-free protein is also popular among vegans. Despite the fact that the shakes containing the plant-based protein do not supply as good concentration of amino acids as the dairy protein, they still offer many benefits to their users.

If you are interested in the soy-based protein shakes, you should pay your attention to the following list of the five best soy protein shakes.

Advanced Soy Protein

The world famous brand Universal Nutrition offers a highly effective shake based on soy protein. One serving provides an ambitious value of soy protein isolate (27 grams). It should be noted that the main ingredient of the shake is produced using the water-washing process

that maintains the content of isoflavone. The shake boosts the recovery and growth of the muscles and suppresses appetite for a long period.

Soy Protein Booster

This soy protein shake is produced by Naturade. The protein is free of GMO and enriched with phytonutrients (broccoli, spinach, carrot etc.), enzymes and other nutrients. The shake does not contain any additives or artificial sweeteners. It is a great choice for losing weight since Soy Protein Booster has a low content of carbs and zero sugar. One serving offers 25 grams of protein to fuel your muscles.

Soy Protein Powder

Another world famous brand offers its soy-based product. Six Star Company uses a mix of soy protein to provide 20 grams of protein in one serving. The shake is fortified with the vitamins B12 and B6. A blend of digestive enzymes is also added to the shake by Six Star. The shake supports the growth pf muscles and can be used within a diet.

Pure Soy Protein Isolate Powder

This effective protein shake made by Bulk Supplements can make boast of the content of soy protein isolate in the amount of 27 grams. In fact, you will find this only ingredient in the ingredient list of this product. No sweeteners or additives are available. For this reason, the product is available unflavored that provides you with an opportunity to create the taste by yourself.

Soy Protein Powder

Unlike the previous product, this shake by EAS contains fructose and is available in vanilla flavor. The source of the key component is soy protein isolate that supplies 20 grams of this essential component. Comparing to the above-mentioned competitors, Soy Protein Powder has a high content of sugar (17 grams) and a higher energy value. The shake is recommended as a post-workout supplement to improve the growth and recovery of muscles.


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