Jessica Lynn Releases New EP “Look at Me That Way”

Music fans don’t often see the artist grind or understand all that goes into a project. For some artists, there is a team of executives assembled to make sure all the pieces are put together and no ball goes dropped. For others, the artist and his/her family and friends is that team, and they not only input their knowledge into a project; they pour their blood, sweat, and tears into something their loved one is passionate about.

For New York born and raised country singer-songwriter Jessica Lynn, her truth is the latter.

While that can be trying at times because life becomes work and work becomes life, one of the things that has set Lynn and her team apart from all others in the industry is the graciousness, devotion, appreciation, and love they show every single person that crosses their paths. In fact, the relationships they have built as they have not only traveled the United States, but performed all over Europe, are some of the ones that lent themselves to the creation of her new EP, Look at Me That Way, which is available today.

Lynn’s three-track EP was recorded and produced in Belgium. Each song that she included on the project was carefully crafted to showcase her personality and talents, while also catering to the tastes of her worldwide fan base. The result is like a three-course meal at a five-star restaurant, making sure each recipe is one that will appeal to everybody in some way. Whether it is the kick of spice Lynn brings to everything she does, the sweet and savory lyrics, or the overall fulfilling package, Lynn has the recipe for success.

Lynn explained how the album came together to NashvilleGab:

It was so much fun heading to Belgium to record because it was something exciting and adventerous. I wanted to create music that was uniquely me. Melting together my style of country music with a team that usually writes and produces European Pop gave “Look at Me That Way” a flair unlike most modern country music on the radio right now. Being from New York, I’ve always been different, and I embrace it!

To gain support for the project and its corresponding international tour, which follows her 2016 self-titled EP, Lynn tapped into her dedicated following by starting a PledgeMusic campaign, reaching her goal with days to spare. She recently returned from two months in Europe, where she shared her new music, talents, and warm heart with all of those with whom she came into contact.

Not only did Lynn and her band of family and close friends return to the States with stamps all over their passports; they returned with stamps on their hearts — like the ones they notoriously leave behind.

Download your copy of Jessica Lynn’s new EP, Look at Me That Way on iTunes and all other digital retail sites now and stream it on Spotify here:


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