Exclusive: Catching Up with Craig Morgan

Country star Craig Morgan seems to always be on the go. Whether he is releasing new albums, starring in a reality show, or lending his name and likeness to great causes, Morgan never seems to slow down. And that’s okay for us, because if there is one man we don’t mind sprinting beside to support, it is this caring and charitable artist.

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Morgan (somewhere between promoting new music, filming, and participating in the first-ever Eukanuba Performance Games), and we loved hearing about all the pots he is currently stirring.

First and foremost, for a country music website, it is important to note that Morgan is poised to release a follow-up to his 2016 album A Whole Lot More to Me in the near future. To some it may seem outrageous that he is able to put together another project so soon after the last, but Morgan is always looking forward to the next story he wants to tell. With that being said, once he finds a few anchor tracks that will establish a foundation for the project, he knows exactly what he is looking for and sets out to create it or find it.

I choose the music by listening to songs that other writers write. I write most of my music myself, generally about seventy percent of my album. I’m actually trying to take a little more time to be able to write more and listen to music so I can make more great hits. We have a couple of songs that established the bar and we will listen and write to that bar and try to exceed it. Hopefully, by the time I go in the studio I’ve compiled enough songs that people want to hear and we’ll record a record that they want to buy as well.

And for Morgan, the goal is pretty simple. He just wants his music to resonate with fans. He wants the stories he is telling to touch listeners and motivate them to feel — whatever that means to each individual fan. One thing he deeply believes music can promote within a person is healing, and he hopes his own music encourages emotional progress for listeners, rather than taking them further into dark places.

I think music more so than any other form of entertainment has an impact on an individual’s emotions because it can incite everything from anger to love. Based on a person’s own life experiences, they relate themselves to what it is they’re hearing. Everybody talks about a song taking them to a certain place or to a certain time, because music has the ability to do that. I think more so than even a movie because you’re left without an image and you have to generate your own image. Most of the time, when you hear a song those images are drawn from experiences of the past and it can motivate you to move forward. So, I think music is definitely a healing thing. It can be a negative as well based on the material. That’s one thing I try to do in my music, I want it to be a more positive thing and I don’t want it to be negative. I don’t want it to evoke negative action; I want it to evoke positive action.

While Morgan is working on his next album he is also promoting the eighth season of his Outdoor Channel show, All Access Outdoors. The show gives Morgan the chance to take fans on outdoor adventures and learn a new side to the man whose music has touched their lives. In the new season of the show, Morgan is especially fond of certain moments that, by the grace of God, were captured on film for him to hold on to forever.

Last year, Morgan lost his son, Jerry Greer, in a boating accident. Before his untimely passing, Greer shot scenes with his dad; and those are the ones Morgan calls the standout moments of the entire series.

Having lost my son, I can tell you all of the moments with him are the ones that stand out more than anything to me right now. They’re my favorites.

Because the people they have met along the way have been through so much with Morgan and his family, they have created a special bond, which makes the adventures more enjoyable for the host. In fact, he opens his home to some of the people with whom they have crossed paths over the years because of the relationships they have built through tragedy and triumph.

Oh, and on top of being a music and television star, Morgan is also a United States Army Veteran who truly embraces his role as a Vet. He was recently asked to become involved with the first-ever Eukanuba Performance Games, an event that celebrates “the extraordinary work of active dogs.” The work of service dogs is something Morgan is familiar with and enamored by, due to his time in the U.S. military.

As soon as I was asked to get involved with Eukanuba for the first-ever Eukanuba Performance Games I jumped at the opportunity. The Eukanuba Performance Games are being held to celebrate the extraordinary work of active dogs, and will feature a series of performance events, such as dock-diving, agility and much more. And as a U.S. Army Veteran, I’ve seen service dogs do extraordinary work, so I’m proud to be partnering with Eukanuba to see even more dogs perform during the Games.

As you can tell, Craig Morgan is constantly on the move and somehow manages to devote his all to every one of his projects, no matter how limited the time or how consuming the task. To keep up with Morgan and find out the latest regarding his new music and upcoming seasons of All Access Outdoors, visit his official website at craigmorgan.com.

You can also learn more about the Eukanuba Performance Games and his involvement with the organization by clicking here.