Brad Paisley’s visual album, Love and War, now available on YouTube

Available initially exclusively on iTunes, Brad Paisley has finally made his ‘Love and War’ visual album available for everyone to watch.

A rollicking teen party, a marriage proposal, and David Hasselhoff, oh my!

Back in May, Brad Paisley debuted his new possibly Beyoncé-inspired visual album, Love and War, exclusively on iTunes. Cool for iTunes users, unfortunate for the rest of us Apple abstainers. Well today, Brad Paisley has finally let the general public see Love and War in its entirety for FREE on YouTube. You can watch online or save them to your computer, handheld mobile devices, using a free YouTube video downloader, for offline watching.

Featuring a number of famous faces including Brad’s actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, and Little Jimmy Dickens, my favorite part of the 1 hour, 2 minute, and 11 second video has to be when David Hasselhoff makes a surprise appearance looking for his Knight Rider car co-star KITT at the 8:51 mark.

Fun stuff.

The Love and War visual album includes videos for:

1. “Heaven South”
2. “Last Time for Everything”
3. “One Beer Can”
4. “Go to Bed Early”
5. “Drive of Shame” (Featuring Mick Jagger)
6. “Contact High”
7. “Love and War” (Featuring John Fogerty)
8. “Today”
9. “selfie#theinternetisforever”
10. “Grey Goose Chase” (Featuring Timbaland)
11. “Gold All Over the Ground”
12. “Dying to See Her” (Featuring Bill Anderson)
13. “Solar Power Girl” (Featuring Timbaland)
14. “The Devil Is Alive and Well”
15. “Meaning Again”
16. “Heaven South” (Reprise)