The Grace Leer Band Releases Single “Oh Night”

Avid NBC’s The Voice followers may remember California born and raised singer Grace Leer auditioning for Season 10 of the acclaimed show. Leer began her path toward a career in music when she was a child, even becoming a semi-finalist on the American Idol spinoff, American Juniors.

While Leer was honing her singing skills over the years, she was doubling up as an athlete, ultimately scoring a scholarship for the University of California Berkeley, where she played on the women’s soccer team. As she was hitting the books and hitting the field, Leer was also hitting notes in her spare time, ensuring that her goals of making a name for herself in music was always an option.

Recently, Leer made the move across the country from California to Nashville, Tennessee, ready to put her college degree to use, while also focusing her free time on music. To that end, she has been writing, practicing the guitar, rehearsing, and playing out every chance she gets.

With music very much in Leer’s windshield view, she and her band, The Grace Leer Band, has now released its first single, “Oh Night,” to digital retailers. The song showcases Leer’s diverse vocals, indicating that this singer is capable of tackling genres ranging from country to pop to blues seamlessly. The toe-tapping, head-bopping traditional country infused tune is a perfect driver’s seat jam for anybody looking for an uplifting, smile-inducing song to help get them from point A to point B.

Listen to The Grace Leer Band’s debut single “Oh Night” below and download it today by clicking here.