Things Got (Uncomfortably) Personal When Lindsay Ell Appeared on The Bobby Bones Show

Lindsay Ell’s debut full-length album, The Project, is out today, and, of course, she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to promote the release. While there, Ell was expected to talk about the album, sing some of its tracks, and discuss the current professional whirlwind in which she is living.

However, things took a turn for the personal, leaving host, Bobby Bones, squirming in his seat.

As you likely know, Ell and Bones have been dating for quite some time now. The two were rumored to be a couple and finally came clean about their relationship to the public late last year. To support his talented girlfriend, Bones had Ell on the show this morning, expecting her to talk about her album. Instead, listeners and co-hosts decided to take the opportunity to delve into the personal side of the artist’s life … and Ell did not shy away from anything that was asked.

Let’s put this out there right now: We love Lindsay Ell. We think she is extraordinarily talented, incredibly kind, amazingly adorable, and we support her one hundred percent. However, even we cringed a bit at how this interview went, knowing that Bones tries to keep his personal life somewhat under wraps.

Watch the unexpected therapy session below and let us know what you think of the direction of this interview…