Protein World Shake Plan

The significant results in weight management require a complex approach including a diet, an exercise program, and a diet supplement. The current market is filled with numerous diet products like meal replacements, protein shakes or powders, weight loss pills etc. Each of these items can provide a certain effect or benefit. For example, a weight loss pill is usually designed to burn fat, while a meal replacement is aimed at suppressing appetite and supplying nutrients.

The brand named Protein World offers a combination of several diet supplements that consists of an appetite suppressant, cleanser, meal replacement, and fat metabolizer. Such a diet plan is created to provide various health benefits including a removal of toxins, an increase of energy, an acceleration of metabolism etc. Unlike the regular meal replacement shakes like ViSalus Shake, Protein World offers a complex solution of diet supplements to achieve better performance and bring substantial results to its users.

Since the Protein World shake plan consists of several items, each of them contains a certain set of ingredients. We will focus on the key products – a weight loss pill and a meal replacement. The essential ingredients found in these supplements include a green tea extract, guarana extract, konjac glucomannan, sucralose, whey protein concentrate, anhydrous caffeine, alpha lipoic acid, yerba mate powder, choline, sunflower lecithin, Garcinia whole fruit powder, and L-tyrosine.

The guarana and green tea extracts are the sources of stimulants and antioxidants. The are used in weight loss pills to raise energy, burn fat, and increase metabolism. One should be very careful with these components since an excess amount of these extracts can lead to numerous side effects including anxiety, headaches, tremors, insomnia, jitters, rapid heart, mood swings, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. These components are rich in strong stimulants like theophylline, theobromine, and caffeine that are effective to lose weight in short-term perspective.

The main component of the Protein World shake is protein. This ingredient is represented with a whey protein concentrate. The source of protein is rather qualitative. Unfortunately, the set of Protein World items contains many cheap additives that are not proven to promote the reduction of weight, and are potentially dangerous to health. As a result, the users are not satisfied with the quality and efficiency of Protein World. Most of the complaints relate to the side effects caused by the weight loss pills. The meal replacement also has many negative feedbacks of its artificial taste.

The manufacturer of the Protein World shake plan has made many claims about the high efficiency of products and their benefits. Unfortunately, the consumers have contradicted these claims in practice. The major share of negative feedbacks is related to the weight loss pills and meal replacement of this brand. Although some users did appreciate the taste of the Protein World shake, they experienced no effect in losing weight.

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