Have You Heard Mary Sarah’s New Single “Without You”?

Photo Credit: Katie Kauss


When you think of Mary Sarah, you often think of things like old soul, wise beyond her years, uniquely talented, and simply stunning. When you hear her new single “Without You,” all of those thoughts will be confirmed.

Though Mary Sarah may be new to many following her successful run on NBC’s The Voice, the fact is this artist has been hard at work since she was a child to get to the point where she’s at today. That place is a solid foundation in country music with a supportive following of eager fans, and the ability to make the music she wants, rather than fitting into some pre-designed mold. The best part is she still has so much to do and so much to conquer in this world; “Without You” is just a giant leap in the right direction.

Staying true to who Mary Sarah has always been, her single has a bluesy and groovy sound to it, allowing her to remain a bit on the traditionalist side where she is known to linger, while expanding her horizons and crossing into something a bit more jazzy. The result is a more mature, experienced young artist who can easily measure up to some of the best in her field.

Listen to Mary Sarah’s “Without You” below and download it on iTunes by clicking here.