Jessica Lynn Releases New Single “Crazy Idea”

Jessica Lynn may live in New York, but she has her finger on the pulse of Nashville’s country music scene. Evidence of her ability to tune into what fans will tune into is the release of her new single, “Crazy Idea.”

Over the years, Lynn has been compared time and time again to country music superstar Shania Twain. From the beat of her songs to the vocal delivery to the stage attire, Lynn has truly proven to be Twain 2.0 without ever really setting out to draw such comparisons. However, while dots can be connected between the artists, Lynn is far from a replica. Instead, this dashing and kind-hearted singer-songwriter, whose band is wholly made up of close friends and family, is out there doing her own thing and reinventing the role of someone who could very well make a change for the better in the genre.

“Crazy Idea” is an upbeat, uplifting love song (yes, those exist in country music!) that will make you want to crank up your car stereo, drop your windows, bop your head, and sing out loud. The carefree and fun track fits the always optimistic, positive Lynn to a “T,” as it exudes happiness and joy the way she does in her every day life. It is simply impossible not to smile from ear-to-ear when you hear Lynn’s new single.

Jessica Lynn’s new single, “Crazy Idea,” is available NOW on iTunes and all other digital retailers. Listen below, download your copy, and let us know what you think!