Shakeology vs Herbalife vs Vega

The main factor that should be acknowledged when choosing a proper meal replacement shake is its efficiency. I suppose, most of you will agree that an ineffective product is not worth buying. At the same time, the performance of shakes depends on the content and quality of ingredients. For example, if your MR shake provides 100 more calories, it can be a great solution to lose weight, while 200 more calories is not an appropriate option. The following article compares three brands of meal replacement products and their characteristics.

Shakeology is the shake supplying 160 calories per one serving. The other essential nutrition data includes protein (16g), fiber (6g), fat (2g) and sugar (6g). The overall composition of the shake is balanced except for sugar content, which is too high. The protein comes from three plant sources (chia, sacha inchi, and pea) and whey protein isolate. The quality of protein is arguable, since the percentage ratio of these protein sources is unknown. However, the shake does not contain soy and GMO components.

Herbalife Shake is not marketed as purely natural meal replacement supplement, since it contains genetically modified components such as corn bran, artificial sweeteners and soy protein isolate. The protein comes from soy that decreases its quality by times. Besides, the value of protein is 9g in one serving that is not enough for a meal replacement shake. In addition, each serving of Herbalife supplies 9g of sugar, 3g of fiber and 1g of fat. The total energy value of the shake is 90 calories per portion.

Unlike the above-mentioned products, Vega Shake contains only natural components. This shake offers 170 calories that is the largest value of all compared shakes. Besides, the amount of protein is also the largest in this comparison – 20 grams per serving. However, the Vega protein is plant-based, and this type of protein requires supplement of amino acids. The other nutritional values of the shake are rather good – 7g of fiber, 6g of fat and almost no sugar.

These values are important indicators, but they do not reflect the total efficiency of the product.


The main problem of Vega Shake is plant protein. The customers complain about poor efficiency of the shake and lack of hunger suppression. The taste and price of the product are also dissatisfactory according to the users’ feedbacks.

Shakeology is rather good meal replacement supplement that is proven by the consumers. The shake is safe and effective. Users note good quality and taste of this product, however they are dissatisfied with its high price ($130). The high content of sugar is also a flaw for losing weight purposes of this shake.

Herbalife is not natural shake and is likely to trigger unwanted effects. In addition, the shake provides too low protein and too high sugar that should be vice versa. The users are also dissatisfied with the taste and lack of appetite suppression. The main advantage of Herbalife Shake is its low price ($36).