Lindsay Ell Finds Her “Space” In the Music Industry

If you follow us on social media, you know we are 100% Team Lindsay Ell. But, really. How can you not be? Not only is Ell incredibly talented and hardworking, she is amazingly kind and humble. That is why we were pretty frustrated when we heard that a Sacramento radio station (KNCI) canceled a visit with her yesterday, solely based on the fact she is dating Bobby Bones.

We already spoke our piece about this on socials, so there is no need to beat a dead horse. Instead, let’s show KNCI the brilliance it deprived itself and its listeners (or former listeners, at this rate) of by highlighting my favorite song on her new EP, Worth the Wait.

“Space” was written by Nashville songwriters Caitlyn Smith, Heather Morgan, and Maggie Chapman — each of whom is absolutely extraordinary in her own right. By taking this outside song and including it on her EP, Ell had to face a big fear, and that was putting down her guitar and simply singing from the heart.

“Space” is a song where I was just like “you know what? I’m gonna sing this song.” And that’s something I’ve never done before because I’ve been so scared of not having that guitar in my hands.

We are ever-so-grateful that Ell got out from behind the guitar and poured her heart into her vocals. This song is everything that is right in the world — from the singer to the writers and all the space in between.

Listen to “Space” here: