Lauren Alaina WOWed the Crowd — Including One Small Fan — During CMA Fest

Is it really CMA Fest if you don’t take time out of your weekend to catch a Lauren Alaina show? The answer is just no.

We were lucky to catch Alaina at the HGTV Lodge during a short set for an intimate crowd. The No. 1 singer-songwriter covered all her bases by performing a variety of new songs off her recent album, Road Less Traveled. She began with her current single “Doin’ Fine,” fulfilled fans’ requests by singing the power ballad “Three,” and wrapped up her trifecta of tracks with her first ever No. 1, “Road Less Traveled.”

Since it is simply impossible to pick a highlight when talking about an Alaina show (though, I must say, “Three” is my favorite song on her album and I was elated to hear her slay it live!), let’s talk about what happened aside from the singing. Four-year-old fan Sylvia came to the show today, catching Alaina’s attention almost immediately. However, it was during her final song that she made sure the sweet toddler got her time to shine.

But it didn’t end there, with Alaina putting the microphone out for Sylvia to help her with the chorus of the song. Instead, she welcomed the little girl to the stage (like she has in the past at venues as legendary as the Grand Ole Opry) and asked her to assist in a grand finale for her show.

Before Alaina could say goodbye and dip out the sliding barn doors of the HGTV Lodge, she lifted Sylvia to her hip and had her join in waving goodbye to the audience.

All that aside, Alaina’s show — just like last year — was the most memorable one I attended. Her voice never ceases to absolutely amaze me, and I can’t scream it from the rooftops enough that I couldn’t be happier she is finally getting the respect and accolades she has long deserved.

We should all count our blessings that we are lucky enough to live in a world where a talent like Alaina’s exists. Add her bubbly and energetic personality with her incomparably dynamic vocals and this artist is in a league completely of her own.

In case you missed our live broadcasts of Lauren Alaina at the HGTV Lodge, head over to our Facebook page and Periscope account to see live performances of “Doin’ Fine” and “Three.”