How to survive the craziness of the 2017 #CMAFest

I don’t really know if it is possible to prepare for what is going down in Nashville this year. I mean, CMAFest already brings in a bazillion or so people, but hockey fans? Man, they come in a gazillion wave.

But here are two or three not very good tips to maybe, but probably not, help you.

  1. Drink Water. Should be common sense, but a reminder never hurts.

2.  Be nice to people. You’re going to get shoved. You’re going to get pushed.  Just put a smile on your face and move on.

3. And remember it’s about the music, so dance like no one is watching.


Alright. You’re on your own now! But have fun and keep up with our friends Durango Boots and us during the week for some fun stuff!

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  • @NashvilleGab on all socials
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