Evan Michaels Delivers Solid “Ain’t No Stopping This” EP for Summertime

You’ll almost be able to feel the warmth of a summer day coming out of the speakers. That’s what will happen when you listen to Evan Michaels’ Ain’t No Stopping This, which does a lot in just six songs.

The album starts off with its weakest song, which is the title track. Michaels was certainly singing, but it didn’t sound like he was feeling the song. And with a song called “Ain’t No Stopping This,” as well its subject matter, his voice doesn’t always match the emotions of the story.

After that the doors bust open with “Too Big for the Both of Us.” It’s a country rocker that yearns for the relaxing vibe and spaciousness of a country vacation. It’s definitely a song that will get everyone on the dance floor or rolling down their windows and turning the volume up.

Michaels turns inward about a night of heavy drinking on “Must’ve Been Drinkin’.” He wonders what happened before a blackout that landed him in a stranger’s bed, and only remembers getting drunk enough to call his ex about getting back together.

On “Tomorrow Today” he comes home to find his wife cheated on him, and the guy is still there. He snaps and hands out his own brand of justice like an Old West outlaw before skipping town.

“Bet it on a Backroad” is another song that you’re going to want to crank up. It’s the perfect song for summer day in the country, and it’ll definitely get the party started.

The EP ends on a more laid back note on “Like it Should.” The rolling drum beat will get your feet tapping. He’s taking to the stars to wish his love would come back, and is trying to convince her that they’re meant to be.

Michaels delivers a great mix of material in just six songs. In addition to that, he’s also able to put his hand on different sub-genres of country, from traditional to rock and more. And it’ll feel just right as you rolls down your window and turn it up.