Danielle Bradbery Delights Fans with Friday Morning Release

Does anything scream “Happy Friday!” more than a brand new studio release by Danielle Bradbery? Negative.

Bradbery has been teasing new music all week, sharing updated photo shoot images and hints on her social media. Today, fans woke up to find her bluesy, country tune, “Sway,” on iTunes. The song has been performed by Bradbery during live shows for some time now, but those who have stood by her loyally and steadfastly had yet to hear it with production. That all changed this morning.

To celebrate the release that is marking the beginning of the next phase of Bradbery’s career, she posted this nostalgic video to her Instagram, taking fans on a walk down Memory Lane and toward a bright future.

To download a copy of “Sway” this morning and help turn Bradbery’s next step into a giant leap, click here.



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