Best Organic Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Using organic products is not only favorable for health and weight loss, but also can provide numerous benefits for losing weight. Recipes for weight loss that incorporate organic ingredients can be particularly effective when paired with protein shakes, which are often used to assist in weight management issues. Some shakes act as a meal replacement and suppress appetite, while others act more as diet supplements and supply necessary nutrients to the body. In general, if a protein shake contains only organic components, it is safe and beneficial for those seeking to lose weight.

Unfortunately, searching for qualitative and safe meal replacement product is not an easy task. Many manufacturers try to add cheap ingredients, which are usually synthetic, to their products. Such pursuit for the reduction of price leads to the decrease in quality. As a result, a consumer may experience side effects or more serious health issues triggered by artificial and hazardous ingredients. The following article offers the best organic shakes that you can currently find in the market.

YES Shake

It seems that the name of this shake encourages its users for better performance. In fact, the product made by Yoli is really good. You will not find any cheap additives or synthetic components in the content of YES Shake. The main hallmark of this product is a protein blend. It is called PuraWhey and comes from cheese making process. The basis of the protein is whey – the fast and qualitative protein source. As a result, a consumer obtains 12 grams of whey protein in one serving.

The other nutritional values of the shake are also sufficient. One serving of YES Shake contains 80 calories and 2 grams of sugar.

The YES Shake is a low-carb protein powder Australia product aimed to assist in muscle building and weight loss. The feedbacks on the shake are dualistic. Some users complain about terrible taste and poor efficiency, while the others claim the contrary statements. The only common negative feedback relates to the price of the protein shake. You will spend $80 if you decide to add Yoli Shake to your diet.

Vega One

The hallmark of this protein shake is plant protein. Besides, the content of the shake includes numerous vegetables and fruit such as carrot, beet, apple, tomato, orange etc. The quality of Vega One is rather high. Unfortunately, plant-based protein is not as effective as whey protein. Although, 20 grams of protein contained in each serving comes from pea, hemp, saviseed and chlorella vulgaris.

The shake shows great nutritional data like 150 calories, 6 grams of fiber and less than 1 gram of sugar. Unfortunately, the main issue about Vega Shake is its price. A pack of 20 servings costs almost $70.

18 Shake

This protein shake is the best organic solution in the market. In addition to the fact that no artificial ingredient can be found in the content of 18 Shake, this product offers great taste, affordable price, qualitative protein and numerous positive feedbacks. The protein of the shake comes from whey. This type of protein is fast and easy digestive. Low amount of sugar is also a benefit making this protein shake a great choice for weight management.

Consumers praise 18 Shake and its efficiency. You can add this supplement to your daily diet only for $59.99.