Review: Billy Currington Shows NYC How Country Boys Roll

On Saturday, May 20, Billy Currington’s Stay Up ‘Til the Sun Tour hit New York City’s Play Station Theater, in the heart of Times Square, to show New Yorkers how country boys roll. Through out the 90-minute set, Currington barrelled through his impressive catalog of hits with a smile on his face and the audience in the palm of his hand.

While Currington has never quite ascended to country superstardom like some of his contemporaries, the singer has built an impressive career based on the back of solid country music that never strays far from his signature sound. Much like Kenny Chesney, Currington encompasses a laid back, beach bum vibe that was the perfect escape from the bustle of Broadway outside.

Currington opened the show with his hit “Don’t It,” before flying through the likes of “Love Done Gone,” “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” and one of the songs he’s most known for, “People Are Crazy.” While Currington excels at the uptempo, he also possesses a powerful voice, shining through on songs like “If I Fall” and an acoustic set that included his first number one song “Must Be Something Right” and “Don’t.” His main set ended with “We Are Tonight,” a clear crowd favorite.

With an impressive collection of his own songs, Currington managed to work in a pair of covers, offering a rousing version of the Hank Williams Jr. classic “Family Tradition.” He also kicked off his encore sporting an NYPD hat thrown to him from the audience, while leading the crowd in a singalong of “Friends in Low Places,” even including Garth’s elusive and exclusive live third verse. Currington closed the show with “Good Directions,” slapping hands with the crowd and drinking in the much-deserved cheers and applause.

Opening for Currington was country newcomer Seth Ennis, best known for his current single “Woke Up in Nashville.” Ennis shared his disbelief about playing in “freaking Times Square” and energized the crowd with covers of Justin Bieber, Alan Jackson, The Killers and Fall Out Boy.