Interview: Gabbing with Russell Dickerson


When it comes to making a name for yourself in country music, it’s always helpful to have a hit song and to score a spot on a huge tour. Newcomer Russell Dickerson has both, currently on tour with Thomas Rhett and riding high on the unexpected success of his wedding anthem “Yours.”

While “Yours” has already become a wedding staple and is just now climbing the charts, Dickerson admits that was never his intention.

That was never even on our radar. We wanted to write the most honest, true story to my life, and it’s about my wife and I. We just wanted to write an honest, true love song and I think we really did that and the fact that it’s connected so much as far as weddings speaks to the realness and the honesty behind it…It’s an aspect of my career that I would’ve never expected… I wanted to write hit songs and be on the radio and tour and everything, but the fact that I get to be a part of so many people’s, one of the biggest days of their lives, I never thought I’d get to experience that. It feels, I’m honored. I don’t take that lightly at all. It’s a huge day and there are millions of songs to choose from and they literally choose mine, it’s crazy.

The video was another very real moment in Dickerson’s life that happened accidentally while planning to shoot some test footage. “My wife shot the video, edited, directed it, everything,” He brags.

We call it the $6 music video because it literally cost us nothing but gas money. It’s just this crazy God thing of us walking down the road and this crazy storm starts rolling in. All the lightning is real, the rain is real, everything is just totally natural. It’s just this special moment and we captured it.

While “Yours” is climbing the charts, Dickerson scored one of the most coveted tours of the year, joining Kelsea Ballerini, Ryan Hurd and Thomas Rhett on the Home Team Tour. On the tour, he’s also scored an exciting first as an artist: his own tour bus.

This is the first time I’m on a bus and it’s me as the artist. I used to guitar tech for a big Christian artist so I was living the dream, but all’s I was doing was tuning guitars, but I was on tour, I was on a bus, and it was just…I was just living the dream. Now it’s me as the artist. We’re on one of the biggest country tours of the years, and it’s amazing. I’m just ecstatic.

When he’s on the road, Dickerson says he’s “in school mode.” “I want to learn what they’re all doing in their shows that works. I try to take the best of everybody’s show and figure out how that works for me and how I can put that in my show, what makes the crowd respond and see what they don’t respond to.”
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Prior to joining the Home Team Tour, Dickerson hit the road with Billy Currington, which he says taught him a lot about how to treat people on the road. “One of the best things I’ve learned from Billy Currington was how to treat your openers and how to treat your crew and all of that. A lot of people dont give that much respect to their openers and are just like ‘figure it out,’ but Billy was like, ‘My whole crew is yours, whatever you need’.”

While “Yours” is making it’s way up the charts, Dickerson is working on his full-length debut, due out later this year. “I consider myself an upbeat guy as opposed to a sad, sappy, darker vibe,” He says. “My songs are uplifting and quirky and will put a smile on your face, while you’re getting your face rocked off.

When it comes to who inspires him musically, Dickerson points to Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Keith Urban. “I’m a huge, huge, huge Keith Urban fan… When I hear ‘Somebody Like You,’ or ‘Sweet Thing’ by Keith Urban…that’s one of those songs that is just a jam that I wish I wrote.” He also points to the Weeknd as someone he’s currently into, and feel would make a good co-star on an episode of CMT’s Crossroads. “I think he’s got a cool thing going on. And Michael Jackson is one of my huge influences and his as well, so that’s why I think I feel that way.”

Dickerson recently made his Grand Ole Opry Debut, calling it “the most emotional moment” of his career.

I have a huge respect for traditional country and I know what the Opry has done for country music…. That was a huge step in the right direction, like ‘we’re actually doing it’.” He recalls, “As I was standing to walk out, tears were just streaming down my face because it really hit me and I was totally overwhelmed.”

As for what’s still on his career bucket list, Dickerson says he’s got a lot of big goals. “Selling out Madison Square Garden is a huge milestone I can’t wait to reach. I want to break some records, some sales records, some streaming records…just fun things like that.”


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