Game of Thrones 7: Release Date, New Cast, Spoilers

July 16, 2017, becomes a day X for the Game of Thrones show fans.

This information was provided by the filmmakers on the official Twitter account of the movie.
The seventh season of the most popular TV-series on HBO with at least 11 million viewers worldwide is returning this summer.

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the producers of the series, said that the seventh season is expected to be much more epic than ever before due to the three teams of experts working on the special effects. As a result, we are to see the dragons of Daenerys Targaryenin having grown up to the size of a passenger aircraft DC-9 which is 50 meters long.

This year the cast will include several guest stars. One of them will be a British musician Ed Sheeran. As it turned out, the producers intended to invite a musician a long time ago because of an actress Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, one of the leading female characters. She is a big fan of the Sheeran. His character, unfortunately, remains unknown.

An Oscar-winning British actor Jim Broadbent will also appear in the Game of Thrones for the first time. He already starred in the Moulin Rouge, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Cloud Atlas movies.

Another new “face” in the coming season will be Conor McGregor, an Irish professional mixed martial artist. According to the rumors, McGregor will play one of the pirates.

As for the well-known faces, the fans should not worry about them. All the leading actors (who has not been killed yet) will return for the seventh season. As GoT has been shortened to just seven episodes, their fees have increased from 300 000$ per episode to 500,000$. Traditionally, the producers and HBO channel keeps in secrecy all the details of the plot. However, the author of the novels A Song of Ice and Fire, the plot of the series is based on, George R. R. Martin, intrigued fans saying that the season will be really tough and the audience should wait for the unpredictable final (just like always).

You can guess about some details of the plot via the posters, where you can find the ice and the fire flames fused together. Apparently, the ice and the fire will finally come together and Deyneris Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) with her dragons will cross the sea and arrive at Westeros. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryenin are eagerly expected by the fans to meet in the seventh season for the first time, which, no doubt, will be the most dramatic meeting for the seven years. In addition, Jon Snow is expected to meet an old friend of his Theon Greyjoy. The last time they saw each other was in the first season and their paths did not cross since then.

The entire main cast has signed a contract for the eighth season, which is rumored to be the last. By the way, actor Liam Cunningham, who played Davos Seaworth blabbed in an interview that in September 2017 the creative team of Game of Thrones will start filming the eighth season, which will include six episodes.

Be careful and don’t start watching the new season without your beloved. If you are still single try  and watch the series with a beloved person.