Emily Brooke Performs “To Love You Again” at Nashville Event

You may remember Emily Brooke from American Idol seasons 14 and 15. Well, the Top 24 finalist from the last season of the long-running competition singing show is a name you should keep in the forefront of your mind. Sure, the show is over and the lights are dimmed, but the one thing that remains very bright is Brooke’s future.

Brooke recently took a trip from South Florida to Nashville, Tennessee where she participated in several songwriters’ rounds and took time to meet with many other writers. In fact, we have it under good authority that she cranked out a number of breathtaking tunes while in Music City, all of which are great contenders for her forthcoming EP.
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One of the stops Brooke made was at The Listening Room Cafe for a seat on the Song Suffragettes stage. Song Suffragettes was created to give female artists a platform and a voice to remind the industry that they are as powerful, if not more so, than their male counterparts, and are willing to fight like girls to be seen. While on the stage, Brooke performed “To Love You Again,” a song she co-wrote with Suffragettes Mignon Grabois and Lauren McLamb.

The song has become one of Brooke’s favorites from her recent sessions and stands a very good chance at making the eventual EP cut. Watch her live performance below and let us know what you think!