Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Release New Single “Speak to a Girl” (Listen!)

They’re back! Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are back!

Now, we know they haven’t actually gone anywhere; especially considering McGraw has been striking it HUGE with all of his recent releases, but “they” has a collective are back. In fact, today marks Hill’s first single release in many, many years. The beautifully and happily married couple premiered “Speak to a Girl” today, an announcement which likely caused more alarm clocks to be set this morning than in any other date in history.

“Speak to a Girl” was written by Shy Carter, Dave Gibson, and Joe Spargur, and co-produced by Byron Gallimore, McGraw, and Hill. The pair caught up with our friends at iHeart and explained what it was like to record a this song, especially together.
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Hill shared:

When you have three daughters, and you are lucky enough to come across a song that says “Speak to a Girl,” it kinda resonates with us pretty quickly. . . . It’s important how we speak to one another, but it’s particularly important how a female, how a girl, learns to be spoken to and how she speaks to others. I think it’s vitally important.

About sharing the recording studio again, McGraw added:

It was a lot of fun. We were in the same room singing together, and the music that we recorded was so fantastic. And on “Speak to a Girl,” I don’t know if this is a secret or not, but, when we were in the studio recording “Speak to a Girl,” and just laying the tracks down, for me, it was like a quarter horse trying to keep up with a thoroughbred, singing in there [with Faith].

To read McGraw and Hill’s full quotes and get more behind-the-scenes information about their new single, “Speak to a Girl,” from The Big 98, click here.