How to sing better

Learn to sing better in 3 easy steps

Singing is one of those things you’re either born able to do or you’re not, right? Not necessarily. Although it’s certainly true that some people have a natural gift for singing more so than others, it is possible to be trained to sing well. If you want to know how to sing better, follow these three easy steps. If you can effectively master these steps, you’ll be singing like a bird in no time.

Step 1: Master your breathing

What many people don’t realize is that much of what we consider to be singing ability stems from proper breathing. The problem is, it’s not always easy to figure out how to actually breathe properly for singing.
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When you sing, you should be breathing naturally, the same way you always do, but with deeper intakes of breath each time. When you do this properly, you’ll feel an expansion in your lower ribcage. Your upper body should stay still, because you are breathing deeply from your ribcage, not from the upper part of your lungs. You should never strain for breath when you sing; it should come naturally. Be sure to relax!

Step 2: Position your tongue properly

The position of the tongue in the mouth is also instrumental in helping us sing more effectively. Most of the time we aren’t conscious of what our tongues are doing, but when it comes to singing this is very important. If you tense up when you sing, your tongue will tense up, too. The result will be a strained sound that doesn’t sound natural, relaxed, and melodic.
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When you sing, try to be aware of where your tongue is so it doesn’t get in the way. Try to keep your tongue down in your mouth, but don’t press it down or tense up. Of course, it will move to a certain extent when you single, but if you consciously try to keep the tip of your tongue toward the back of your bottom teeth, you’ll hear the difference in your singing voice. With practice, you’ll start to do this without thinking bout it. Practice makes perfect!

Step 3: Sing from memory

This sounds funny, but the more you can memorize what you are singing, the better you’ll sound. When you try to sing and read at the same time, your brain is “split” between the two tasks and you can’t dedicate as much brainpower to the process of singing. The result: You don’t sing as well as you could. When you memorize your lyrics, you don’t need to dedicate that portion of your brain to reading while you sing. You’ll notice a difference in your singing.

In summary, the process of becoming a better singer involves practice, dedication, and talent – those things are for sure. But if you follow these steps when you practice, you’ll learn to sing better in no time.

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