Dierks Bentley’s Arizona bar apologizes after turning away veteran

The problem with one-size-fits-all policies are they often get used against the wrong people. Just ask Dierks Bentley‘s new Arizona Whiskey Row bar who just a few days after their official grand opening has been forced to apologize to a U.S. veteran because of one of their dumb policies.

Brandon Andrus is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran with two tours of duty in Iraq under his belt. The vet and his family decided to check out the newest attraction in Gilbert, Arizona last Wednesday when they were unfortunately turned away because of a corporate policy.

The problem? Andrus has a “22” tattooed on his neck, AZ Central reports.

Andrus, who wrote about the embarrassing encounter on Facebook, says the number represents how many veterans, on average, commit suicide each day across the nation.

Andrus explained in the post that he was stopped at the door by two managers who said it was a corporate policy not to allow anyone with a face or neck tattoo entry into the bar.

“I was excited to check out a new bar in town,” Andrus wrote on Facebook. “I served my country with 2 tours in the Marine Corps, contribute to society, work full time, married and raising 2 kids in Gilbert.”
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After many criticized Whiskey Row in comments on the now viral Facebook post, the company decided to apologize in a Facebook post of their own, admitting they “fell short” in their treatment of a military veteran.

The company says they are now planning to host a military-appreciation event and will be working with local police to tell the difference between gang and non-gang-related tattoos.

I don’t know, I think a better corporate policy would probably be to not judge a book by its cover.