Sarah Darling’s “Dream Country” Is a Dream Come True for Country Fans

Sarah Darling has often been compared to an angel over her many years as a country music singer and songwriter. Not only is this artist a true, natural beauty, but her vocals are in a class of their own, pure and pristine, delivered as delicately as little drops of rain from the heavens. Perhaps that is why the title Dream Country is so spot on for Darling, a singer with the ability to transport listeners into a peaceful, calm, dream-like state simply by sharing her talent.

The eleven-track (ten songs plus one radio edit) project, which was the product of a crowdsourced campaign that called on friends, family, and fans to assist in the release of the independent album, is a pleasant and relaxing punctuation mark to the end of a day with its soothing tracks and messages of love. It can also accompany you on long drives meant for deep thought; cold weekend mornings while you clutch a steaming hot cup of coffee; or on a getaway with the man/woman of your dreams.
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While each song is a highlight, as it is performed by a voice that warms your soul, specifically standing out on the record is “Montmarte,” which has Darling written all over it. A lover of all things French and a true romantic, especially when you look at her personal relationship with her husband, the Parisian-inspired tune is a fairytale that stars Princess Sarah and her real-life Prince Charming.

Another standout track is “Tell That Devil,” which serves as an anomaly to the collection, changing the tone and mood, and giving fans a little jolt from the dreamworld they entered during the songs preceding it. Showing off the versatility that Darling has been sharing with country music for a decade, the angel takes on the devil with this rock-infused musical treat.

The first single off the album, “Halley’s Comet,” is also the most autobiographical tune on Dream Country, telling the story of a little girl with her dreams and sights set on being amongst the stars. As she grew, she learned that the place she was meant to be was on a stage, underneath the lights. Darling sings of a time she was “hoping someday I would find, in the mystery, there’s a place for me to shine.” It appears she found that place, right here, in ten songs that bare her heart, reveal the deep beauty within her, all the while showcasing her special talent.

Dream Country will be your favorite musical companion when you are happy, sad, and/or simply want to feel all the magic the world has to offer, and with this release, Darling proves to truly be amongst those stars at which she often gazes.

Download Dream Country on iTunes by clicking here.


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