SaraBeth Sings “10 Minute Tune” Following Tom Brady’s Jersey Fiasco

Following the New England Patriots’ history-making Super Bowl LI win, somebody swiped legendary quarterback, Tom Brady’s, jersey. As the entire state of Texas is turning upside down in order to find the shirt Brady wore as he claimed his fifth Super Bowl title, the people of Nashville are handling the debacle in another way — by writing songs about the newsworthy mystery.

Singer-songwriter SaraBeth returned to Ty, Kelly & Chuck Mornings, once again, and wrote a “10 Minute Tune” to spread the word about Brady’s missing shirt. Appropriately set to the tune of The Brady Bunch theme song, SaraBeth and her guitarist, Glen Mitchell, performed their hilarious piece of art that was created in ten minutes.

Watch the video from SaraBeth’s morning show visit here:


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