Miranda Lambert Releases “We Should Be Friends” Video (Watch!)

Instagram.com / MirandaLambert

What better way to film a video for “We Should Be Friends” than by surrounding yourself with your real-life friends? That was what Miranda Lambert thought when she attacked the project, which resulted in a super cute, lighthearted music video for a song that truly encompasses the country music superstar’s characteristics to a “T.”

“We Should Be Friends” is the only song on the double-disc album The Weight of These Wings that Lambert penned alone, and it couldn’t more adequately describe the girl we have followed for most of her adult life. However, there was absolutely no “alone” about the corresponding video, which featured a salon full of older ladies, as well as some of Lambert’s closest personal friends.
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The trend-setting singer-songwriter’s latest single contains the honesty and humor that one would expect from a confident and comfortable-in-her-skin Lambert, and the music video that was created to tell the story exudes the same. In fact, we dare you to watch it without a big, cheesy grin across your face for the entire thing.

Oh, and hey, among our team members we have stained shirts, ink on our bodies, and happily fling around the phrase “bless your heart” in the exact way it’s meant to be used. We are pretty certain that means, Miranda, that we should be friends?

Watch Miranda Lambert’s new video for “We Should Be Friends” here: