Lindsay Ell Spreads Love This Valentine’s Day (Watch!)

Is it possible to win Valentine’s Day? If so, we are pretty sure Lindsay Ell has accomplished that this year.

The All Alright singer and master multi-instrumentalist shared a video of herself buying several heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, but it wasn’t that economically supportive gesture that makes her champion. Instead, it was what she chose to do with those boxes on a cold, rainy day in Nashville to spread a little love to those who most certainly don’t get praised enough.

Making her rounds to several police stations in Music City, Ell shook the hands of first responders, offered hugs of appreciation, and left them with sweet treats to enjoy between their calls to protect the citizens of our town. The news all-too-often focuses on the negative remarks and responses to those who wake up each day and uphold their oath to protect and serve, and it is so rare that somebody takes the time to say a couple of magic words: thank you.
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Following Ell’s lead, we would like to thank all first responders for keeping us safe, and we send them massive amounts of love on this day. We also thank Lindsay Ell for leading by example and selflessly taking time out of her day to spread some love and cheer.

Watch the video of the deliveries and reactions below: