Lauren Alaina Shows the Results of a Healthy Lifestyle

One of country music’s most loved female artists, Lauren Alaina, has been incredibly candid when it comes to her past struggles with body image. Luckily, Alaina overcame her inability to find the beauty of her interior and exterior and used her celebrity to serve as a role model to those who may be suffering from the same adversities.

Now, at twenty-two, Alaina is flying high after the release of her second full-length album, Road Less Traveled. Not only is the title track climbing up the charts, helping Alaina reach unprecedented heights in her career, but the album has been widely acclaimed by her fans and peers, alike.
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The comfortable-in-her-skin star is also floating somewhere around cloud nine when it comes to her personal development. In fact, Alaina shared this extremely important message on social media earlier today, proving that success comes with hard work in your personal journey.

Congratulations to Lauren Alaina on the clarity she has received over the years and the ability to dig deep within herself to help others strive to make a change. We think you are beautiful always and in all ways!

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