Kelly Clarkson Thought She Had Cancer When She Won Her First Grammy Award


Now this sounds like something straight out of Grey’s AnatomyKelly Clarkson chatted with Billboard as a part of their Grammy Awards Preview Pop Shop Podcast, and shared a scary story about her first Grammy win. The 3-time winner scored two trophies back in 2006, but admits that the night is a blur because she was concerned about something else that evening: a cancer diagnosis.

While chatting with Keith Caulfield and Katie Atkinson, Clarkson revealed that she received a cancer diagnosis the day of the awards. “I was told that morning that I had cancerous results,” Clarkson recalls. “When I won I thought this was God giving me one good thing before something horrible happened.” She calls the day “the worst, greatest day,” admitting that a lot of the moments of the awards were stolen. “I was like, ‘How did I beat Bonnie Raitt and a Beatle? I’m totally going to die’.”
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She then goes on to reveal that she returned to the doctor the next day and received an apology, as the office had mixed up her test results.

“I don’t really tell that story because it’s kind of a debbie downer, but that’s the real story.”

Watch Clarkson’s emotional performance of “Because of You” from the 2006 Grammy Awards below!