Brooke Eden Releases “Act Like You Don’t” to Radio (Listen!)

Brooke Eden shined on her recent EP, Welcome to the Weekend, and one of the most vocally gifted artists in Nashville has now released her second track from the disc to terrestrial radio. Serving as Eden’s next single is the bluesy and relatable “Act Like You Don’t,” a fast fan favorite and Spotify hit upon the EP release.
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As can be said about all of the songs for which Eden holds writing credits, “Act Like You Don’t” is autobiographical, while making listeners feel like the BBRMG recording artist is speaking directly to them about their own experiences. After going through a difficult breakup, Eden begs of her former love to sever ties and allow her the opportunity to heal, rather than continuing to dangle the possibility of a reconciliation in front of her before cruelly tearing it away. Anybody who has ever lost someone they care about in a split knows that the easiest way to move on is to have a clean break and use time and space to deal with the wounds, and, in her new single, Eden sends that message beautifully to the man who is struggling to respect those needs.

Watch Brooke Eden’s “Act Like You Don’t” lyric video here and start letting your radio stations know you want to hear her latest release today!