The Band Perry to Release Pop Album “My Bad Imagination”


In what is yet another confusing chapter of the story of The Band Perry, the trio took to Twitter today to make a few announcements. For one, it seems they want us to forget when they dyed everything yellow and attempted a pop crossover with “Live Forever.” It also seems they want us to forget “Comeback Kid,” their ice cream and lemonade country song, not to be confused with Beyonce’s country song on Lemonade.

Anyway, TBP once again cleared out their social media with a lot of black and then posted a cryptic Tweet that showed them looking more Evanescence than Lady Antebellum. Fringe and leather and belly buttons, oh my!

Their new pop single “Stay Up All Night” will be released tomorrow…and we don’t know how to feel.

The trio also posted that they’ll release a pop album, entitled My Bad Imagination.
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They took to social media to share the news:

We’ve made an album for you. Creating it has been the most exciting thing we’ve ever done. It’s led us to disrupt everything that was comfortable and familiar to us a short year ago. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in making it it’s this — being yourself matters. It matters even when not everyone agrees that you should be or understands why it’s important that you are.

The album is called My Bad Imagination. It’s our first pop album and tonight the first track will be out everywhere, its called Stay In The Dark. Listen loud.

Thank you for your love, your patience, and for your trust. Come with us.