Team “Peter Pan” Reunites to Pen Another Inevitable Hit!

Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America


What happens when Kelsea Ballerini, Jesse Lee, and Forest Glen Whitehead enter the writing room together? A pure fairytale is penned. That is what happened when the trio last combined their minds and talents, eventually walking away with Ballerini’s third No. 1 hit song, “Peter Pan.”

Now, the chart-topping team has reunited, hoping to duplicate the success of their first joint effort. However, this time they are appearing to focus more on the happily ever after kind of love with a grounded man, rather than the happily ever never of an infatuation with a lost boy. The hint comes in Lee’s photo of her co-writers in the studio posted on Instagram tonight, along with a telling caption: “Writing a ?? song cause this girl’s in looovvveee. @kelseaballerini @forestglen #lovesong #kelseaballerini”

As if we didn’t have enough to look forward to with Ballerini’s sophomore offering; now our anticipation has taken a major climb. Do they have another hit on their hands? We predict the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Writing a ?? song cause this girl’s in looovvveee. @kelseaballerini @forestglen #lovesong #kelseaballerini

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