Song We’re Gabbing About: Adam Craig’s “Just a Phase”

Adam Craig PHASE image - CURRENT

When we chatted with BBR Music Group’s Stoney Creek Records recording artist Adam Craig a few months ago, he pointed to “Just a Phase” as his favorite song on his self-titled EP. Now, that track is being released as a single, hitting radio February 6. If there’s any justice in this world, “Just a Phase” will become a huge hit for Craig.

Despite its somber tone, the ode to a short-lived fling is endlessly relatable, as Craig realizes that his relationship is bound to be fleeting. “And someday soon baby / You’re gonna wake up and see / There ain’t never gonna be a forever for you and me / Someday soon baby / You’re gonna look back and smile / That you got hooked on a guy like me for a little while,” Craig sings.

Craig’s powerful voice shines on the track, striking the listener directly in the heart as he ponders the impending end of his relationship. The song is unique in that its modern yet a throwback, borrowing elements from classic country while not sounding out of place on any 2017 playlist. Lyrically, the song could easily have been released by anyone from Travis Tritt to Luke Bryan, but it’s Craig’s emotive and plaintive voice that truly breathes life into it.
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This summer, Craig will be appearing on one of the biggest stages in country music, opening for select dates on Luke Bryan’s Kill the Lights and Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day tours. He’ll also be making his Grand Ole Opry debut February 4.

While “Just a Phase” may be about an ill-fated relationship, this song should resonate with listeners and make Adam Craig’s relationship with country fans way more than a phase.

Listen to Adam Craig’s “Just a Phase” below!