Gab Countdown to Christmas: Two Story Road

With a video that is intricately and hilariously produced and a couple of people who are sweeter than a dozen candy canes, Two Story Road brings us its version of the holiday classic “This Christmas.”

Nashvillians and frequent visitors may notice some familiar sets used by the Fraleys as they playfully performed the lyrics of the song, putting a new twist on a longtime favorite. Brandon and Jamelle exclusively shared with NashvilleGab:

We’ve always loved this song and thought it’d be a fun one to sing. For this video, we went out to Opryland Hotel with our iPhone cameras and enjoyed all their Christmas decorations. We also went to Walmart one day and took over their Christmas section for a while. The employees may or may not have been a little less than thrilled with some of our antics. Oh yeah…Snapchat came in handy too.

Kicking off the final 10 days of our Countdown to Christmas is Two Story Road and the duo’s self-made, personality-filled “This Christmas” video. Enjoy!