Shania Twain Talks New Album In 2017!

Happy Holidays, Shania Twain fans! The woman who spent years rocking this country told EW that a new album is on the horizon!

Twain shared that her fifth studio album will be released in late Spring 2017, explaining to the publication “I’m so overdue!” In fact, Twain has been building an arsenal of ideas and sounds over the last several years, categorizing them as “fun beat” or “fab memory,” anticipating the day she was ready to push out a new project. So, when she stepped into the studio, she was ready to roll!

Twain teamed with Jake Gosling, Ron Aniello, Jacquire King, and Matthew Koma to finalize her material and record the album, sharing with EW that it includes “painful and melancholy ballads that evolved into completely upbeat songs” to “triumphant” girl-power rockers.

According to EW, Twain feels incredibly confident with what her team created, and we cannot wait to get our hands (and more importantly our ears!) on the new music!


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